Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Kawasaki Z125 [JHF] (SAT)

Everyone knows about the Z125 PRO [BR125JHF]; the Micro-Naked fun bike that many people now enjoy most of the world! This Z125 is available in North America, Japan, and most of Southeast Asia! Also a mortal enemy to the Honda Grom/MSX125 & Benelli TNT135.

Then there is another Z125 [BR125KKF]; a bigger version of the same name, on which is a learner-bike and Budget-Naked version of the Ninja 125 [BX125AKF]. This version is available mostly from Europe and Middle-East. This is more of a Honda CB125R & Suzuki GSX-S125 competitor.

Not many people know about THIS specific Z125. Nope, it’s not a PRO version, just a plain Z125. This ‘Bite Test’ is about the kid in the basement, the non-manual transmission model.

Featuring a ‘rider-friendly’ 4-speed clutch-less Centrifugal Transmission, this feature is rather common with some Asian-mopeds and underbones motorcycles throughout South snd Southeast Asia.

Since I’ve ridden the Z125 PRO both in Las Vegas and in Long Beach in the USA. How will this semi-automatic version compare to the much-loved and much-recognized full-manual model? Find out here!