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Bite Test: 2020 Kawasaki W800 Cafe Black Edition

Many motorcycle fans often dismiss ‘copycat’ bikes in general. Where should I start?

First are what they call ‘metric cruisers’ on which Asian and European manufacturers try their very best to grab that precious slice on the American cruiser market. And now recently, the other way around on Harley-Davidson bringing out the Pan America 1250 to the very competitive adventure bike market!

Between these times, few companies often try to emulate the iconic Triumph Bonneville ‘British-style’ standard motorcycle, from the Royal Enfield’s, Honda’s, Benelli’s, BMW’s, and even some Chinese bikes are getting into the fray!

But nothing can be more faithful to the source material than Kawasaki and its below-the-radar bike, the W800 Series! Now being offered in 5 model configurations throughout its years (Street, Street Black Edition, Cafe, Cafe Black Edition, & Meguro K3).

The unit I will be ‘Bite Testing’ is the W800 Cafe Black Edition, with its slightly aggressive riding position, narrower handlebar, and all-black styling. These combinations are totally foreign to me! It will be a different experience for me completely.



– Kawasaki Test Ride + KSRR (Kawasaki Safety & Responsible Riding)


Host Manufacturer/Distributor:

– Kawasaki Motors Philippines



Dealer (PHI):

– Kawasaki Krib Libis (Quezon City, NCR)



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