Bite Tests

Bite Test + Philippine Debut: 2020 TM Racing SMR 450 Fi


First, I thought Beta Motorcycles was the only Italian dirt bike manufacturer. That is why I was so giddy on ‘Taste Testing’ Beta’s street-legal flagship, the 500 RR-S!

A few months later, I found out another enduro bike specialists from the same country. That company is SWM; although I haven’t ridden any of their bikes yet, I’ve heard good things about them! And I thought I was done of identifying these Italian dirt bike marques, I was wrong, definitely wrong. This is TM Racing, I would think they’re the least known of the three.

But TM has a very colorful racing history on motocross, enduro-cross, and karting competitions. But TM is very well-known in the field of supermoto! With 8-straight championships on the S1GP, the MotoGP-equivalent of supermotos!

So I am very excited to get my paws on this ‘Ferrari of Dirt Bikes!’ I was so excited, in the end, I got nervous. See what happened!