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Taste Test: 2021 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Fireball

After building their legacy models such as their Classic & Bullet 350/500s, RE is in need of moving on and modernize its entry-level line! This time RE has come up with their own take of its ‘American-style’ cruiser-ish motorcycle!

This is the all-new Meteor 350! RE’s new entry-level bike replacing the Classic/Bullet 350 in certain markets. But by no means of being archaic nor primitive like its predecessors, this might change its overall outlook to the brand!

With all the classic styling and traditional features, the Meteor also has modern tech up its sleeve! This is the only model (I think) in the market that has turn-by-turn navigation called the ‘Tripper Navigation’ system and gauge pod, on which it connects thru your phone, and by the power of Google (Maps & Places) you can tailor-made your trip without operating your phone nor have your phone on display! (Unfortunately, I never got the chance to test it during the event.)

The Meteor holds much promise especially in Asia on which is devoid of small & affordable cruiser-style motorcycles in the region! Except in countries with minimum displacement restrictions on toll expressways (like in PH).

I am excited to get on with this bike after so much fanfare and excitement! In fact, I may be the first Pinoy ‘journalist’ who will get to test ride this bike! Happy-happy me!!!



– Get On! Moto Fest (Texas Motor Speedway,  



Host Manufacturer/Distributor:

– Royal Enfield North America (USA)



Manufacturer/Distributor (PH):

– Royal Enfield Philippines