Bite Test: 2019 Suzuki Skydrive Sport

Unlike in the US and some parts of the world, most entry-level motorcycles or scooters in South and Southeast Asia typically start at a higher displacement engine. Usually, these start between 100cc up to 115cc on their basement level spec,… Continue Reading

Rev Bites: Why The Lack Of Fun Cars And The Swift Sport PH!?

Last April, Maruti-Suzuki of India was caught testing the exciting Suzuki Swift Sport. That got me thinking. Since Suzuki PH offers cars mostly from Maruti-Suzuki of India, why can’t they import this hot hatch in the Philippines!? Plus I point… Continue Reading

New Segment: ‘Snack Test’ Coming Soon!

If ‘Bite Tests’ are for parking lot test rides for less than 15 minutes. And my long-standing ‘Taste Tests’ are for demo ride days for less than an hour of seat time. Now finally, I get to ride on the… Continue Reading