Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Suzuki GSX-S150

Not many people outside Asia might know, but the traditional ‘backbone’ motorcycles are a step-up from the usual scooters and ‘under-bone’ bikes.

One of the bikes that mix up in this 150cc Budget-Naked category is the Suzuki GSX-S150! The entry-point to the world-renowned ‘GSX-S’ line, also mechanically similar to the racy GSX-R150 Budget Sportbike, and shares the same fiery 19hp 150cc engine as the ‘Under-bone King’ or the ‘Kamote King’ the Raider R150!

With an already crowded segment, how will this bike feel compared to its rivals despite a (very) limited ground space! Will I crave more to ride this bike!?

2019 Suzuki GSX-S150 Prices:

PHP 112,800 (+title & fees)

USD 2,231 (+tax, title, & fees)