Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Voge 500R / Loncin CR7

As the last motorcycle on my “Voge Bite Test Trilogy,” I saved the sportiest model for last (hopefully not forever)! The Voge 500R, Loncin LX500, Loncin CR7, or in the South American Latino market, the Loncin Brivido; is the Honda CB500F-inspired middleweight naked bike that tries to break out in the segment.

Like the ADV-Sport bike the Honda CB500X-inspired Voge 500DS/Loncin DS7/Valico/LX500-2, shares many of its major engine and suspension components albeit with some equipment and styling tweaks to make the 500R a true naked bike.

So much CB500F’s inspiration, Loncin was under contract with Honda to assemble the CB500-series to certain markets a few years ago. Now, Loncin has re-purposed, re-styled, & re-engineer the bike to become Loncin/Voge’s own flagship naked motorcycle!

Since it’s Voge’s sportiest offering, how would this naked compete against the rising star Benelli Leoncino 500, and the motorcycle that is inspired by, the Honda CB500F? It may not be a “Teste Test,” but it’s a start!

As of this recording, I had little to no knowledge about the brand nor the bike itself! So basically I had a crash course on researching what lies behind this product itself! I’ve learned all the info on the Voge brand since I was editing the 650DS.





– CHAMMP Riders’ Day Out



– Voge Motorcycles [Loncin Motorcycles]


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– Voge Motorcycle Philippines


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Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Bristol Classic 400i Omega

Things are heating up in the Philippines as the onslaught of ‘Highway-Legal’ motorcycles is becoming a hot ticket item in the country!

With the worsening traffic conditions on a scattered island like the Philippines, it makes logical sense of owning an affordable entry-level 400cc bike especially if you plan on exploring the beautiful island!

One of those contenders is the Classic-Naked 2020 Bristol Classic 400i Omega, along with the cafe-styled BR 400i Omega, these two were the flagship bikes from the Philippine-based Bristol until the Venturi 500 debuted.

Also known as the Herald Classic 400 in Europe, both Bristol and Herald are based on the Somoto 400 (Cafe/Classic/Scrambler) platform from China.

With now increased competition from Zongshen/Rusi, CFMoto, Motorstar-Voge, Bajaj, and the Japanese Big-4, will the Classic 400 a solid choice? 


What are ‘Highway-Legal Motorcycles’ you ask? Here’s an explainer:



– Makina Moto Tiangge 2019

– CHAMMP Riders’ Day Out


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– Bristol Motorcycle Group (Philippines)


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– Herald Motor Company (UK)



Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 CFMoto 250NK & 650NK

Time for a first double-header! After editing my ‘Bite Test’ on the 250NK, I realized that the video was too short for a weekly episode. Then I realized that I also have an equally short video, from the same brand too! And that would be the much bigger 650NK. Then it struck me, I might as well combine the two in one video! Yay!

Not many people outside Asia may know, but CFMoto is one of the biggest Chinese motorcycles in the world. Other than Zongshen (CSC), QianJiang (Benelli/SSR), Loncin (Voge), Zontes, Lifan, & Motrac; CFMoto is one of the front-runners in the industry.

CFMoto captivated me when I landed in the Philippines and piqued my interests greatly. As a US-based Filipino, my curiosity towards the 400NK gravitates me to their test ride booth during the ‘Tiangge.’ Unfortunately, the 400NK wasn’t available but the smaller 250NK and the much more Globally acceptable 650NK.

The 250NK is a mass-market Premium Budget Bike that competes in the 200-300cc class. Available in select markets around the world, I was surprised with it’s KTM-inspired TFT gauge especially for it’s budget-friendly price!

The 650NK on the other hand is in a very tough spot. The 600-700cc class is a very competitive area, let me give you an example: SV650, Z650, MT-07, TNT600i, & CB650R just to name a few, oh boy!

So it seems that CFMoto is primarily aiming for price-conscious audience. But will that be enough to lure customers in to their dealerships? Since its a Chinese-manufactured motorcycle, the negative stigma is still very strong.

But I’m all about the product itself, not where the country is based from, not the political gibberish, and definitely not from the social stigma. My question is: is-this-bike-good? And even for this very short ride, I will still ride these bikes. But what do I think of it?



– Makina Moto Tiangge 2019


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Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2018 Polaris Slingshot SL


Three-wheeled cars, 3-wheelers, tri-cycles, tri-cars, reverse trike, and Autocycles. These are the names associated with vehicles like this. Much like the Morgan 3Wheeler, Campagna T-Rex & V13R, and Vanderhall Venice within this group; the Polaris Slingshot is by far the bestseller on its segment!

Polaris claims that the Slingshot as a ‘motorcycle’ in the US. But I consider this as a 3-wheeled car (although the name ‘Autocycle’ sounds right too).

On actuality, how does this vehicle drive!? Does it deliver the same fun factor as a typical sports car? Or is this vehicle serves as an excuse for Polaris just to enter the sports car genre and dance around US regulations? Either way, this will be a completely curious experience!

Want to turn you Slingshot into a 4-wheeler or more:

Bullet Speed & Design

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Trak Hamr

Trak Hamr

Alpha Powersports

Bite Tests

Bite Test + Philippine Debut: 2020 TM Racing SMR 450 Fi


First, I thought Beta Motorcycles was the only Italian dirt bike manufacturer. That is why I was so giddy on ‘Taste Testing’ Beta’s street-legal flagship, the 500 RR-S!

A few months later, I found out another enduro bike specialists from the same country. That company is SWM; although I haven’t ridden any of their bikes yet, I’ve heard good things about them! And I thought I was done of identifying these Italian dirt bike marques, I was wrong, definitely wrong. This is TM Racing, I would think they’re the least known of the three.

But TM has a very colorful racing history on motocross, enduro-cross, and karting competitions. But TM is very well-known in the field of supermoto! With 8-straight championships on the S1GP, the MotoGP-equivalent of supermotos!

So I am very excited to get my paws on this ‘Ferrari of Dirt Bikes!’ I was so excited, in the end, I got nervous. See what happened!