Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Bristol Classic 250

Before I rode this small-ish retro motorcycle, I was treated to ride its brother: The Bristol BR 250. It was a decent kit for the price it was aiming for, but it was not my cup of tea. Simply because it’s completely my fault, I’m not too keen on clip-on style motorcycles like sportbikes and cafe racers.

These types of bikes usually give me neck pain after riding them for more than 30 mins! Hence my strong personal preference towards Naked-Standard Bikes/Motorcycles whenever I desire any fast motorcycle compared to their sportbike cousins.

So when I saw that the Classic 250 was next to the BR 250, I was relieved that I was about to test its ‘more relaxed’ brother! Now my curiosity heightened and my desire to ‘Bite Test’ this motorcycle!

The Bristol Classic 250 carries the same price as the BR 250!!! It’s up to you which style do you prefer the most! But always remember to test fit or even better, test ride/drive both bikes to see which bikes suit YOU better!

This contemporary Classic 250 along with the slightly more aggressive BR 250 are the entry-level models from the Caloocan City Dealer-Distributor company Bristol Group. This Classic 250 is their ‘Triumph Bonneville-like’ model, on which it has a traditional handlebar plus other cosmetic parts that differentiate it from its cafe racer brother.

Bristol is a Philippine-based brand on which sells custom-ordered motorcycles from the Taiwanese firm Herald Motorcycles on which is now known in countries like the UK and in Australia.




– CHAMMP Riders’ Day Out

Host Dealer/Distributor:
– Bristol Motorcycle Group (Philippines)


Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 TVS Max 125 Semi Trail

While there are many smaller ‘underbone’ or mopeds and so-called smaller traditional motorcycles called ‘overbone’ bikes in developing countries in Asia like the Philippines. There are not many that offer some capabilities of going off-road.

Sure, there are 150cc Dual-Sports that are available for the hardcore stuff, but there are people who are looking for that somewhat of an ADV-style bike experience!

Good thing one Indian motorcycle company steps up to the plate! The 2020 TVS Max 125 Semi Trail is that option!

With a wallet-friendly price, plus a decent off-road capability my have a certain niche all to itself! What a superb job by TVS!

With new rivals from different manufacturers popping up from China, will the Max hold it off?

Also as I found out that both TVS Max 125 series (Semi Trail & Sport) are NOT even marketed in its home market in India!!!





– Makina Moto Tiangge 2019


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– TVS Motorcycle Philippines


Dealer (PHI):

– Wheeltek (Philipines, Nationwide)


Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Kawasaki Vulcan S

After my ‘Taste Test’ on the 2018 Vulcan S the past year, I got a chance of riding this bike in a parking lot!

The Vulcan S is a very good entry-level cruiser, it’s one of the first motorcycles that have the ERGO-fit custom fitting system for riders. And it’s a bargain among its peers.

So, how does it handle while dodging cones? Is the bike too big or awkward for gymkhana duties!?

I’m curious to find out how a forward-controlled motorcycle handles the tricky stuff like in the parking lot! It will be a very fun affair!


Vulcan S Base Prices:

USD 7,199 (+taxes & license)

PHP 415,000 (+license & fees)



– Kawasaki Test Ride + KSRR (Kawasaki Safety & Responsible Riding)


Host Manufacturer/Distributor:

– Kawasaki Motors (Philippines, Distributor)



– Kawasaki United States



Dealer (PHI):

– Kawasaki Krib Libis (Quezon City, NCR)



Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2018 BMW S1000 RR [K46]

It was November 2017, on a sunny day in Long Beach, California. I’m about to ride one of the best Super-Sport bikes…ever!

This is the first-generation BMW S1000 RR, the much-loved crotch-rocket in the riding community!

With its critically-acclaimed dynamics, balance, power, and ferociousness; of course, I was intimidated!

After riding the S1000 XR ADV-Sport & S1000 R Hyper-Naked, I am really looking forward to facing the final boss!!! LoL

At the time of recording, I have only ridden the 2008 Honda CBR600RR & the 2017 Yamaha YZF-R1 (base). Being bike-less and lacking in experience, yes, I was a bit scared!!!

At this time in 2017, I was not that proficient at riding sportbikes as I am today. I regret that I was not able to edit nor upload this video any earlier, I was supposed to save this as one of my highlights in my riding experience.

But after watching the raw footage, it took me awhile on how will I approach this.


2018 BMW S1000 RR Price (when new):

United States = USD15,700 (+tax & license)

Philippines = PHP1,400,000 [100% import tax inc.] (+license & fees)



– Long Beach International Motorcycle Show (2017)


Host Manufacturer:

– BMW Motorcycles North America



-BMW Motorrad AG


Dealer/Distributor (PHI):

– BMW Motorrad Philippines [RSA motors] (Quezon City, NCR)



Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Voge 500DS

In the middle-weight Adventure bike class, it can be split-up into 3 categories: 400cc-500cc | 550cc-700cc | 750cc-900cc.

This unit right here is a Philippine-market prototype. Motorstar Philippines is currently conducting a test market phase for its viability of the Voge brand in the country. America!

Of the ever-growing 500cc segment you can add this Voge 500DS! As of this upload, the 500DS has been in both Europe and China for a while now. And as the Loncin DS7 in South America!

This unit right here is a Philippine-market prototype. Motorstar Philippines is currently conducting a test market phase for its viability of the Voge brand in the country.

The 500DS is the middle child of the Voge/Loncin line along with the smaller 300DS/DS6 (LX300-6D) and the bigger 650DS/DS8 (LX650-2). How will this bike perform in my very short time?

[NOT YET AVAILABLE IN THE PHILIPPINES (at the time of recording)]




– CHAMMP Riders’ Day Out



– Voge Motorcycles [Loncin Motorcycles]


Host Dealer / Distributor:

– Voge Motorcycle Philippines


– Motorstar Philippines (Nationwide)


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

What happens if you’re stuck in the middle? If a 400-500cc felt a bit too small, while an 800-900cc seems like a death wish. Many riders agree that the 650cc is the goldilocks in the bike class. But you also dislike new tech?

One humble Indian motorcycle manufacturer with British roots went in a bang with an updated 650 Twins from Royal Enfield! This is Continental GT, the sportier of the two (the other is the standard Interceptor).

While the 650cc class is a highly competitive segment, this Conti sets apart from its peers by offering simple and organic motoring. With an air-cooled twin-cylinder engine, the lack of modern touches like traction control, ride modes, and even a gear indicator! Tailored to people who want a pure analog experience without the headache.

Will this Conti woo me into this type of motorcycle? It sure does look nice in its Snow Queen color!


Host Manufacturer/Distributor:

– Royal Enfield Philippines


Manufacturer/Distributor (USA):

– Royal Enfield USA


Host Dealer/Shop (PHI):

– RideTech Moto (Pasig City, NCR)


Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 CFMoto 250NK & 650NK

Time for a first double-header! After editing my ‘Bite Test’ on the 250NK, I realized that the video was too short for a weekly episode. Then I realized that I also have an equally short video, from the same brand too! And that would be the much bigger 650NK. Then it struck me, I might as well combine the two in one video! Yay!

Not many people outside Asia may know, but CFMoto is one of the biggest Chinese motorcycles in the world. Other than Zongshen (CSC), QianJiang (Benelli/SSR), Loncin (Voge), Zontes, Lifan, & Motrac; CFMoto is one of the front-runners in the industry.

CFMoto captivated me when I landed in the Philippines and piqued my interests greatly. As a US-based Filipino, my curiosity towards the 400NK gravitates me to their test ride booth during the ‘Tiangge.’ Unfortunately, the 400NK wasn’t available but the smaller 250NK and the much more Globally acceptable 650NK.

The 250NK is a mass-market Premium Budget Bike that competes in the 200-300cc class. Available in select markets around the world, I was surprised with it’s KTM-inspired TFT gauge especially for it’s budget-friendly price!

The 650NK on the other hand is in a very tough spot. The 600-700cc class is a very competitive area, let me give you an example: SV650, Z650, MT-07, TNT600i, & CB650R just to name a few, oh boy!

So it seems that CFMoto is primarily aiming for price-conscious audience. But will that be enough to lure customers in to their dealerships? Since its a Chinese-manufactured motorcycle, the negative stigma is still very strong.

But I’m all about the product itself, not where the country is based from, not the political gibberish, and definitely not from the social stigma. My question is: is-this-bike-good? And even for this very short ride, I will still ride these bikes. But what do I think of it?



– Makina Moto Tiangge 2019


Host Distributor/Dealer:

– Motostrada / CFMoto Philippines




Host Manufacturer:

– CFMoto Motorcycles


Distributor (USA):

– CFMoto USA (ATVs only)



Dealer (PHI):

– Motorcycle City (Nationwide)



Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Kawasaki Z125 [JHF] (SAT)

Everyone knows about the Z125 PRO [BR125JHF]; the Micro-Naked fun bike that many people now enjoy most of the world! This Z125 is available in North America, Japan, and most of Southeast Asia! Also a mortal enemy to the Honda Grom/MSX125 & Benelli TNT135.

Then there is another Z125 [BR125KKF]; a bigger version of the same name, on which is a learner-bike and Budget-Naked version of the Ninja 125 [BX125AKF]. This version is available mostly from Europe and Middle-East. This is more of a Honda CB125R & Suzuki GSX-S125 competitor.

Not many people know about THIS specific Z125. Nope, it’s not a PRO version, just a plain Z125. This ‘Bite Test’ is about the kid in the basement, the non-manual transmission model.

Featuring a ‘rider-friendly’ 4-speed clutch-less Centrifugal Transmission, this feature is rather common with some Asian-mopeds and underbones motorcycles throughout South snd Southeast Asia.

Since I’ve ridden the Z125 PRO both in Las Vegas and in Long Beach in the USA. How will this semi-automatic version compare to the much-loved and much-recognized full-manual model? Find out here!



Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Motoposh Pinoy-6 (Trike) 150

Since my last ride with the Piaggio Apé City Fi (petrol/gasoline version), I have been very interested in these Auto Rickshaws, Tuk-Tuk, or more commonly known as Tricycles (or technically, Tricycle Alternative Vehicles).

So while I was ‘Bite Testing’ other bikes, I was surprised to know that I can test ride this very vehicle right here! But it was late in the day and many vendors are packing up at the moment! I was fortunate enough to ‘Bite Test’ this TAV!

This is the Motoposh Pinoy Trike 6-Seater 150, since it has a long name, lets call it the Pinoy-6 150. Sharing it’s namesake from it’s original Pinoy 125 & 155 ‘Pantra’ 2-wheeled motorcycles, Motoposh has been marketing this trike as its 3-wheeler version of their Pinoy line. Since the original Pinoy 125 & 155 are already being used for business ‘Tricycles’ like this Pinoy-6.

Unfortunately, according to a Motoposh dealer in Caloocan; the Pinoy-6 is no longer for sale. But there are still unsold units remaining Nationwide. Instead, Motoposh has been marketing their new Pinoy-9 200 all over Facebook! The number 9 means it seat 9 PEOPLE!!! That’s a segment exclusive!

With a typically small-scale brand, how does the Pinoy-6 perform compared to the Apé Fi? I know a ‘Bite Test’ isn’t enough to gauge a vehicle like this especially with the limited seat time I had with this vehicle. But out of curiosity, I have to ride this ‘Tricycle!’ Will I be ok riding this thing!?

Price for the Pinoy-6 150 & Pinoy-9 200:

PHP 160,000 (+ License & Fees)

USD 3,165 (+ Tax, License, & Fees)



Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Suzuki GSX-S150

Not many people outside Asia might know, but the traditional ‘backbone’ motorcycles are a step-up from the usual scooters and ‘under-bone’ bikes.

One of the bikes that mix up in this 150cc Budget-Naked category is the Suzuki GSX-S150! The entry-point to the world-renowned ‘GSX-S’ line, also mechanically similar to the racy GSX-R150 Budget Sportbike, and shares the same fiery 19hp 150cc engine as the ‘Under-bone King’ or the ‘Kamote King’ the Raider R150!

With an already crowded segment, how will this bike feel compared to its rivals despite a (very) limited ground space! Will I crave more to ride this bike!?

2019 Suzuki GSX-S150 Prices:

PHP 112,800 (+title & fees)

USD 2,231 (+tax, title, & fees)