Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

Have you ever wanted a Ducati, but you refuse to buy used/pre-owned? Well, congratulations!! Here it is!!! This is the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2, your gateway bike into the ‘Ducatista Lifestyle!’

As the most affordable Ducati on its lineup, of course, you will get that ‘true’ Italian motorcycle as it is made in Northern Italy, unlike its mostly Asian-made competitors!

So, will the Sixty2 be competitive as the only 400cc Ducati compared to its rivals especially with a growing threat from the Chinese?

The good thing is the Sixty2 is so appealing, my Sister even bought one! That’s saying something, I think…



– Overland Expo West 2019



Host Manufacturer:

– Ducati North America (USA)




Host Dealer:

– Go AZ Motorcycles (City, Co, Country)



Dealer (PHI):

– Ducati Philippines (Quezon City, Metro Manila)