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Two Wheels Are Two Wheels…

This post I stumbled on Facebook ticked me, it really shows the state of the country that I refuse to say at this time. This post is being clamored by the Philippine netizens at the moment, it basically shows that the bike lane is not being used to its full potential which is sad.
Here’s my suggestion on how to properly use the bike lane, which is more in tune with common sense rather than government idiocy.  
If the traffic is in complete gridlock, the rider/biker has the option to use the bike line and ride at a similar speed/follow the flow as the cyclists. Basic common sense, not bureaucratic nonsense.
It is built to cater to anything on two wheels especially when the traffic is bumper-to-bumper. The motorcycle must leave the bike lane once the general traffic flows once again and/or the average flow of traffic exceeds the speed of the average cyclist.
Or the bike lane is just a wasted space if it’s not being utilized to its maximum purpose.
The UK does it, it’s normal in mainland Europe, and it’s been pretty safe and prudent so far.
If not, what’s the point of owning a motorcycle in PH in the first place!?
….oh the Philippine government (esp. Dick Gordon) wants to ban motorcycles.
Bite Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Vespa Primavera 150 (Base)

With so many Vespa models out there, there can be only one ‘goldilocks’ model on its lineup. It shows on their sales charts worldwide!

This is the Primavera 150, this is the Vespa that I see the most in both countries (US & PH)! It’s hard to argue why, it has that balance of wants and needs that potential Vespa owners are looking for.

One of the categories on what I call: “Heritage/Retro Scooters,” does face some very formidable competition worldwide!

But despite that, the venerable Prima holds its own as the de-facto cultural cruiser!

After riding the entry-level S125 and its chief rival the Kymco Like 150i, does the Prima 150 standout despite its pricey price tag?



– Ride PH Cafe 2020


Dealer / Distributor (PHI):

– Vespa Philippines [Autoitalia] (San Juan City, NCR, Philippines)


Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Vespa S 125

Have you ever wanted an iconic scooter without breaking the bank? Piaggio’s Vespa has an answer for you! The new for 2020 S 125!

Basically a Southeast Asian exclusive (maybe), this scooter is the gateway to the Vespa lifestyle! With its huge following and street cred, you can’t fault its huge fanbase!

But this Vespa might not be for everyone, especially with its premium price tag and a slew of better-valued competitors and imitators. Is this budget meal Vespa worth the extra price? Let us see on this (very) short ride!


Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Honda BeAT 110 (ISS/CBS)

The entry-level scooter game here in the Philippines can be a very crowded affair.

With all these scooters costs less than PHP70k (US$1,385), these 110cc budget scooter classes are one of the most popular forms of motorcycling in Southeast Asia! Along with Suzuki’s Skydrive Sport [UX110] from my previous ‘Bite Test,’ this Honda BeAT [ACH110] competes on this very competitive market!
The 2020 model of BeAT scooter comes with 3 distinct models now (Street, Fashion Sport, & Premium). But this 2019 model is called the ISS/CBS (Idle-Stop System & Combined-Braking System) on which is equivalent to the 2020 Premium model.
How will the BeAT compare to the Skydrive Sport scooter? Since it tough for me to get a hold to even test these scoots, this is all I can manage. I hope you guys will like today’s ‘Bite Test!’
(I will remain to call this scooter “Be-At,” not “Beat” like the old Honda’s Kei-class wonder roadster.)
Bite Tests Taste Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Suzuki Skydrive Sport

Unlike in the US and some parts of the world, most entry-level motorcycles or scooters in South and Southeast Asia typically start at a higher displacement engine.

Usually, these start between 100cc up to 115cc on their basement level spec, while developed nations usually start at 50 wheezing cc’s!

One of these entry-level offerings here in the Philippines (& maybe in SE Asia) is this Suzuki Skydrive Sport! Basically inspired by the larger Skydrive 125i, the Sport offers a cost-effective compared to rivals.

At the recording last October (on PART1), the small Skydrive was my first-ever ride on an entry-level Asian-spec scooter!

See how I cope with riding this matte blue machine!

Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Star 8 Dart

To be honest, I have never heard of this company before.

Star 8 Green is a multi-national company that brings electric vehicle technology to the masses. Sure it may not be as well-known as Zero, Energica, Cake, or even the newcomer, Damon motorcycles.

Star 8 specializes in various enviro-friendly products, like solar-powered lamps, low-speed electric mopeds, electric vehicles for commercial applications (tricycle-alternatives/mini-buses/mini-PUVs), and now Star 8 is delving into the world of street-legal motorcycles & scooters!

Out of four of their Street-Legal lineup, this Dart scooter is their entry-level model. The Dart is currently pending clearance to be finally be ridden on surface streets (not meant for highways, freeways, or any streets with speeds over 30mph/50kph on average).

On this ‘Bite Test’ episode, how will the Dart EV perform during my short ride! Will it fall apart? Hows the quality? Will, I even fit on this scooter!? Find out here!




NOTE: This Dart has no relation with Dodge nor Stellantis (STLA).



– Philippine Department of Energy’s Promotional Run for Advance Energy Technology Vehicles


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– Star 8 Green Philippines


Host Dealer:

– Star 8 Shop (Las Piñas, NCR, Philippines)


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 SYM CRUiSYM 150 (Base) [PH-spec]

What are the chances when a certain motorcycle specifically built for a specific country, not a specific region like Southeast Asia, but a specific country like the Philippines!?

Yes, you heard it right! The SYM CRUiSYM 150 is specifically engineered and developed for the Philippine market! Based on the Globally-market SYM Jet 14 series (50cc, 125cc Air, 125cc Liquid, & the 200cc flagship), then SYM adopted the brand name of its Globally-marketed CRUiSYM series (50cc, 250cc, & 300cc) maxi-scooter name, and installed a powerful un-restricted 150cc Liquid-Cooled engine that produces more power than SYM’s own popular 200cc motor!

It is hard to believe because the 150cc market in the Philippines is so competitive, SYM has to devise a plan to compete with the likes of the Honda Click/Vario 150i, Yamaha’s twin 155cc’s Aerox/NVX & N Max, & the premium 150cc’s like the Like 150 and Vespa 150cc Series.

How good is this ‘Pinoy-specific’ CRUiSYM 150 on a ‘Taste Test’ setup!? Find out here!


Host Dealer / Distributor:

– SYM Philippines



– SYM Global


Dealer (PHI):

– Mitsukoshi Motors Philippines