Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 KTM RC200

The KTM RC 390 is well known for its very approachable demeanour to both beginners to expert riders around the world.

But in some countries where they have access to smaller displacement budget-sport motorcycles, they have two options: one is the bargain-basement RC 125, and this one the RC 200.

Designed to compete with various 175-250cc budget (‘over-bone’) sportbikes, the KTM is well known for its power-to-weight ratio, powerful high-strung engine, and chassis balance.

Despite its engineering pedigree from the larger 1290, 1190, & 1090 motorcycles; will this Austrian-engineered, Indian-developed single-cylinder ‘thumper’ motorcycle shine above its contemporary rivals? 



Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Ducati Multistrada 1260 (Base)

Besides the Multistrada 950, the entry-point to the big Multistrada 1200-league is this ‘Base’ model. With stiff competition with KTM, BMW, & Aprilia; this base model receives its latest Testastretta 1262 DVT engine.

Being Ducati, like its Scrambler line; the Multistrada 1200 line of adventure bikes has a plethora of choices that may confuse the casual bike fan. Good thing that Ducati’s website explains their differences clearly.

So how does this compare to its direct rivals like the S1000 XR, 1290 Super Adventure S, Caponord 1200, or even the mild Versys 1000? Will this base model feel like a bargain or a rip-off!?

Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Star 8 Avant

After my experience with Star 8’s Dart e-Scooter (, I was receiving messages here in YT and FB if the Dart EV was street-legal in the Philippines.

Turns out to be, I was not aware that the Dart EV is NOT a street-legal scooter!!! (Kinda violating my code of riding/driving all things street-legal, lol.)

So, this Avant according to the Land Transportation Office in the Philippines is STREET-LEGAL. Then this is my first ‘street-legal’ Star 8 EV motorcycle/scooter, what joy! (sarcasm)

How does this 1.5kW street-legal version differ compared to the non-street-legal 1kW Dart from my previous ‘Bite Test?’ Will the Avant be competent enough to keep up the average Southeast Asian traffic sphere? Time to check it out and see!


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2018 Triumph Tiger 800 XRt

The Middleweight Adventure Bike category is growing as one of the fastest motorcycle genres right now!

One of the pioneers in this class is the Triumph Tiger 800 series! On its 3rd generation and accompanying the newbie for 2020, the Tiger 900. Along with the recently revamped Tiger 1200 & Scrambler 1200, Triumph continues the onslaught on this genre!

The Tiger-8 I had the opportunity to ‘Taste Test’ is their top-spec on its XR line, the XRt is their flagship Adventure-Touring (road-biased) bike. On the other end of the spectrum, Triumph also offers the Adventure-Dirt (offroad-biased) XC line.

By far, I still haven’t ridden a bad Triumph yet (675 Street Triple R, Bonneville Speedmaster 1200, & 1050 Speed Triple RS). Will this Tiger 800 XRt continue the streak? Here’s what I think of it.

Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 TVS XL100 Premium

There is a difference between wants and needs. For example, a brand-new smartphone and basic transportation.

No bike blurs the lines between the two better than this India-made moped, the TVS XL100 series! Since the Philippines never got the awesome Honda Cub/Super Cub series, this is the closest thing the country can get!

For a bit over US$730 / PHP37,000, you can say goodbye to your daily commute and enjoy the life of motorcycling! The XL100 is more of a utilitarian bike than others in its class and that makes it special.

I’ve been waiting a long time wanting to ride this affordable moped, what do I think about it?


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Ducati Supersport S

Ducati’s are very well known for their many good motorcycles, but their forte is its super sports bikes.

But one of Ducati’s faired wonders that are often overlooked is the ‘Supersport’ series. This Supersport is at the moment, the smallest displacement faired, sporty Ducati on its line-up.

Just looking at Ducati’s current lineup globally, Ducati does not offer a mid-displacement sporty bike. I would think that the Supersport is the only bike that fills that niche!

As my first ever faired Ducati ’sporty bike.’ Some of its racing DNA has been trickled down to this model.

How will I react to this? Especially I haven’t ridden this class of bikes! 


Host Dealer:

– Del Amo Motorsport (Redondo Beach, CA, USA)

(424) 304-1660


– Ducati Worldwide


– Access Plus Group


– Ducati Manila (Quezon City, NCR, Philippines)

(632) 8532-1624


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2018 Polaris Slingshot SL


Three-wheeled cars, 3-wheelers, tri-cycles, tri-cars, reverse trike, and Autocycles. These are the names associated with vehicles like this. Much like the Morgan 3Wheeler, Campagna T-Rex & V13R, and Vanderhall Venice within this group; the Polaris Slingshot is by far the bestseller on its segment!

Polaris claims that the Slingshot as a ‘motorcycle’ in the US. But I consider this as a 3-wheeled car (although the name ‘Autocycle’ sounds right too).

On actuality, how does this vehicle drive!? Does it deliver the same fun factor as a typical sports car? Or is this vehicle serves as an excuse for Polaris just to enter the sports car genre and dance around US regulations? Either way, this will be a completely curious experience!

Want to turn you Slingshot into a 4-wheeler or more:

Bullet Speed & Design

Maintenance Page

DF Kit Car Project 324

Trak Hamr

Trak Hamr

Alpha Powersports

Bite Tests

Bite Test + Philippine Debut: 2020 TM Racing SMR 450 Fi


First, I thought Beta Motorcycles was the only Italian dirt bike manufacturer. That is why I was so giddy on ‘Taste Testing’ Beta’s street-legal flagship, the 500 RR-S!

A few months later, I found out another enduro bike specialists from the same country. That company is SWM; although I haven’t ridden any of their bikes yet, I’ve heard good things about them! And I thought I was done of identifying these Italian dirt bike marques, I was wrong, definitely wrong. This is TM Racing, I would think they’re the least known of the three.

But TM has a very colorful racing history on motocross, enduro-cross, and karting competitions. But TM is very well-known in the field of supermoto! With 8-straight championships on the S1GP, the MotoGP-equivalent of supermotos!

So I am very excited to get my paws on this ‘Ferrari of Dirt Bikes!’ I was so excited, in the end, I got nervous. See what happened!

Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Ever since 2014, this new un-orthodox bike from the big American cruiser company Harley-Davidson debuted its first-ever electric motorcycle. No one, I mean no saw this coming!!!

Since then, everyone is keeping a close eye on this motorcycle including yours truly. From its miss-marketing, over-optimism, and sometimes arrogance divides its fans apart.

Unlike 10-years ago, there is now a market for electric motorcycles. Players like Zero, Energica, Cake, Lightning, UBCO, and many others; now H-D joins the fray.

Now I will finally try to ‘Taste Test’ this hype-bike!! How does the LiveWire perform on a short ride? How do I think about its overall performance? Check it out here!



– Long Beach International Motorcycle Show


Host Manufacturer:

– Harley-Davidson USA


Dealer (PHI):

– Harley-Davidson Philippines (Quezon City, NCR)


Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Star 8 Dart

To be honest, I have never heard of this company before.

Star 8 Green is a multi-national company that brings electric vehicle technology to the masses. Sure it may not be as well-known as Zero, Energica, Cake, or even the newcomer, Damon motorcycles.

Star 8 specializes in various enviro-friendly products, like solar-powered lamps, low-speed electric mopeds, electric vehicles for commercial applications (tricycle-alternatives/mini-buses/mini-PUVs), and now Star 8 is delving into the world of street-legal motorcycles & scooters!

Out of four of their Street-Legal lineup, this Dart scooter is their entry-level model. The Dart is currently pending clearance to be finally be ridden on surface streets (not meant for highways, freeways, or any streets with speeds over 30mph/50kph on average).

On this ‘Bite Test’ episode, how will the Dart EV perform during my short ride! Will it fall apart? Hows the quality? Will, I even fit on this scooter!? Find out here!




NOTE: This Dart has no relation with Dodge nor Stellantis (STLA).



– Philippine Department of Energy’s Promotional Run for Advance Energy Technology Vehicles


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– Star 8 Green Philippines


Host Dealer:

– Star 8 Shop (Las Piñas, NCR, Philippines)