Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Motoposh Pinoy-6 (Trike) 150

Since my last ride with the Piaggio Apé City Fi (petrol/gasoline version), I have been very interested in these Auto Rickshaws, Tuk-Tuk, or more commonly known as Tricycles (or technically, Tricycle Alternative Vehicles).

So while I was ‘Bite Testing’ other bikes, I was surprised to know that I can test ride this very vehicle right here! But it was late in the day and many vendors are packing up at the moment! I was fortunate enough to ‘Bite Test’ this TAV!

This is the Motoposh Pinoy Trike 6-Seater 150, since it has a long name, lets call it the Pinoy-6 150. Sharing it’s namesake from it’s original Pinoy 125 & 155 ‘Pantra’ 2-wheeled motorcycles, Motoposh has been marketing this trike as its 3-wheeler version of their Pinoy line. Since the original Pinoy 125 & 155 are already being used for business ‘Tricycles’ like this Pinoy-6.

Unfortunately, according to a Motoposh dealer in Caloocan; the Pinoy-6 is no longer for sale. But there are still unsold units remaining Nationwide. Instead, Motoposh has been marketing their new Pinoy-9 200 all over Facebook! The number 9 means it seat 9 PEOPLE!!! That’s a segment exclusive!

With a typically small-scale brand, how does the Pinoy-6 perform compared to the Apé Fi? I know a ‘Bite Test’ isn’t enough to gauge a vehicle like this especially with the limited seat time I had with this vehicle. But out of curiosity, I have to ride this ‘Tricycle!’ Will I be ok riding this thing!?

Price for the Pinoy-6 150 & Pinoy-9 200:

PHP 160,000 (+ License & Fees)

USD 3,165 (+ Tax, License, & Fees)