Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Voge 500R / Loncin CR7

As the last motorcycle on my “Voge Bite Test Trilogy,” I saved the sportiest model for last (hopefully not forever)! The Voge 500R, Loncin LX500, Loncin CR7, or in the South American Latino market, the Loncin Brivido; is the Honda CB500F-inspired middleweight naked bike that tries to break out in the segment.

Like the ADV-Sport bike the Honda CB500X-inspired Voge 500DS/Loncin DS7/Valico/LX500-2, shares many of its major engine and suspension components albeit with some equipment and styling tweaks to make the 500R a true naked bike.

So much CB500F’s inspiration, Loncin was under contract with Honda to assemble the CB500-series to certain markets a few years ago. Now, Loncin has re-purposed, re-styled, & re-engineer the bike to become Loncin/Voge’s own flagship naked motorcycle!

Since it’s Voge’s sportiest offering, how would this naked compete against the rising star Benelli Leoncino 500, and the motorcycle that is inspired by, the Honda CB500F? It may not be a “Teste Test,” but it’s a start!

As of this recording, I had little to no knowledge about the brand nor the bike itself! So basically I had a crash course on researching what lies behind this product itself! I’ve learned all the info on the Voge brand since I was editing the 650DS.





– CHAMMP Riders’ Day Out



– Voge Motorcycles [Loncin Motorcycles]


Host Dealer / Distributor:

– Voge Motorcycle Philippines


– Motorstar Philippines (Nationwide)


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2021 Indian FTR S [17in Front Wheel]

My, my! Indian Motorcycles are really getting serious now! While the FTR 1200 Series is already an impressive bike as it is!

The American bike company is upping the ante by revamping FTR’s whole 2021 lineup by offering mostly 17-inch wheelsets!!! This applies to the whole FTR lineup save the Rally variant I ‘Taste Tested’ before.

Essentially, rather than competing with the Triumph Scrambler 1200 series & Ducati Scrambler 1100 series, Indian diverted themselves to compete in a highly competitive ‘Super Naked’ category with the likes of MT-09, Z900, and the like!!!

While the excitement is high, how well the FTR S fare against the traditional Super Nakeds? Will these revisions make or break the bike’s potential invasion of the segment? I am very excited to see and feel how this FTR fare compared to its 19-inch predecessor, can’t wait!!!


Host Manufacturer:

– Indian Motorcycle International


Host Dealer:

– Sin City IndianMotorcycle (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

Have you ever wanted a Ducati, but you refuse to buy used/pre-owned? Well, congratulations!! Here it is!!! This is the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2, your gateway bike into the ‘Ducatista Lifestyle!’

As the most affordable Ducati on its lineup, of course, you will get that ‘true’ Italian motorcycle as it is made in Northern Italy, unlike its mostly Asian-made competitors!

So, will the Sixty2 be competitive as the only 400cc Ducati compared to its rivals especially with a growing threat from the Chinese?

The good thing is the Sixty2 is so appealing, my Sister even bought one! That’s saying something, I think…



– Overland Expo West 2019



Host Manufacturer:

– Ducati North America (USA)




Host Dealer:

– Go AZ Motorcycles (City, Co, Country)



Dealer (PHI):

– Ducati Philippines (Quezon City, Metro Manila)



Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2019 Triumph Street Triple RS 765

Things can’t get any much better than this, Triumph has stepped up the game in the ‘Super Naked’ genre by introducing the 765 Triple engine on its Street Triple line back in 2017!

Back then, it was a masterclass of a motorcycle! Making the newly updated (at the time) Yamaha MT-09 back on its drawing board. And making other models took notice right away!

Having ridden the previous-generation 2016 Street Triple R 675 (no video) and the more ferocious 2019 Speed Triple RS 1050 (, I had high hopes for this model!

For this is the last model year of the 2017-version, I took the opportunity to ‘Taste Test’ this much-anticipated model before the updated 2020-version ‘squinty’ model comes out. My expectations for this 765 is very high, I couldn’t contain my excitement!

This will also showcase the 765s ability to handle one of the worst cities to drive/ride in the world according to Waze: Metro Manila, Philippines. This will be stupid fun!


Host Dealer/Distributor (PHI):

– Triumph Motorcycles Philippines (San Juan City, Metro Manila)



– Triumph Motorcycles Limited (Global/USA)


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2018 Suzuki SV650 (ABS)

Suzuki has many motorcycles that have a cult following:

– For ‘squids’ = The GSX-R series

– For speed fanatics = The Hayabusa (esp. Twin-Turbo installed)

– For Dual-Sport = The DR/DR-Z series

– For ADV Riders = The V-Strom series

– And for ‘the kamote kings’ = The Raider 150

But over the years, none has a more distinct following than the SV650.

The SV650 has been around since 1999 as a low-budget alternative to the British Street Triples and Ducati Monsters of the day! For its combination of low price-high value with a dash of fun to toss along, this 3rd generation marks the return to its Sport-Naked glory!

A staple of Suzuki’s V/L-Twin line of motorcycles (along with the V-Strom) makes the SV (and its SFV650 Gladius predecessor) a definite icon and loved by riders all over the world!

But as a cousin to one of my favorite motorcycles, the V-Strom 650. Will, a different riding experience to hold its name? Especially with a very-crowded 650-750cc Sport Naked Class, how will it stand out compared to the much popular and lovable Yamaha MT-07?

(Video made in 2018, edited & uploaded in 2020)


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2018 Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone

You’ve heard of Moto Guzzi, the quirky classic Italian brand from the Piaggio Group that doesn’t get enough fanfare with moto-fans.

Did you know, that the Guzzi offers its most affordable model to compete with the Street Twin, Scrambler Icon, W800, & R nine-T Pure? This is the V7 III Stone, the brand’s most affordable model!

Hailed from its deep root all the way from 1968, this 3rd-generation iteration of the storied V7 line has become a mainstay by keep giving incremental improvements as years go by!

Despite ever fierce competition with its rivals, it’s the ever-iconic longitudinal V-Twin engine and the only mainstream manufacturer that offers shaft-driven motorcycles. Will there be enough to sway hipsters, trendsetters, and heritage naked fans for this V7? I am here to find out!


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2019 Kawasaki Z400 ABS

The budget-middleweight naked motorcycle (300cc too low-500cc) market is really getting fiercer by the day!

It also comes on all fronts too! With Ducati Scrambler SixtyTwo 400, KTM 390 Duke, Harley’s Street 500, CF Moto 400NK, Honda’s CB400SF & CB500F, Bajaj Dominar 400, Loncin LX300-6 CR6, Zongshen’s Cyclone RE3 400, BMW 310 R, Voge YF300 300R, TVS Apache Bristol Classic 400i, Benelli’s TNT300, 302S, & Leoncino 500, & Husqvarna Vitpilen 401. It’s getting really crowded here!

I’ve been waiting to get an opportunity like this ever since I’ve ‘Taste Tested’ the Ninja 400! That Ninja-4 was impressive, I always imagined how will the Z400 ride like!? And it’s finally here! I simply can’t wait!!!

I even begged Kawasaki USA to take this last ride for the day! And here we are now! What would I think of it? Is it a squared-on rival to the KTM Duke 390? Much different is the riding experience compared to the Ninja 400? We’re about to find out!!

Aside from different skin colors, the 2020 model year Z400 ABS and this 2019 model are exactly the same.


2019 Kawasaki Z400 Prices:

US MSRP = US$4,999 (+taxes & fees)

PH SRP = PHP279,000 (+regs & fees)



– Long Beach International Motorcycle Show


Host Manufacturer:

– Kawasaki Motors Inc. (North America)


Dealer / Distributor (PHI):

– Kawasaki Motors Philippines


Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 TVS Apache RTR 180

If you’re looking for a naked bike on the budget, yet you need battle-tested reliability; I think I might find an option for you.

The TVS Apache RTR 180 or 180 Xventure (in the Philippines) is one of the most affordable Budget Nakeds in the Philippine market as of late! Only a few Chinese-made naked bikes undercut this Indian-made motorcycle.

For only P70-74,000 (US$1,400-1,425) you can ride a normal-sized motorcycle without looking odd on a mini-moto.

For this ‘Bite Test,’ I took my little time I have to ride this Budget Naked bike! What do I think of it? Check it out!

Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Bajaj Rouser 200NS

Also known as the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 (Carburated, non-ABS model) or Kawasaki Rouser 200NS in the Philippines.

This 200cc class ‘backbone’ naked bike is in a tough arena between the mainstream 150cc and the globally-recognized 250cc classes! And since this will be my first time to ride a naked bike like this! Plus this is my first time on a Bajaj bike.

And take note, the KTM Duke/RC 125/200/250/390 are built in cooperation with Bajaj, and lately with Triumph Motorcycles!

How will I feel riding an oddball 200cc motorcycle? This will be a different experience altogether!

I would love to test this bike further on a ‘Taste Test’ format at least.


Host Event:

– Makina Moto Tiangge 2019


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– Bajaj Auto Global


– Kawasaki Motors (Philippines, Distributor)


Host Dealer:

– Wheeltek (Philipines, Nationwide)


Dealers (PHI):

– Kawasaki Krib (Quezon City)

– Motortrade (Nationwide)

– Motorcycle City (Nationwide)