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Taste Test: 2020 Ducati Supersport S

Ducati’s are very well known for their many good motorcycles, but their forte is its super sports bikes.

But one of Ducati’s faired wonders that are often overlooked is the ‘Supersport’ series. This Supersport is at the moment, the smallest displacement faired, sporty Ducati on its line-up.

Just looking at Ducati’s current lineup globally, Ducati does not offer a mid-displacement sporty bike. I would think that the Supersport is the only bike that fills that niche!

As my first ever faired Ducati ’sporty bike.’ Some of its racing DNA has been trickled down to this model.

How will I react to this? Especially I haven’t ridden this class of bikes! 


Host Dealer:

– Del Amo Motorsport (Redondo Beach, CA, USA)

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– Ducati Worldwide


– Access Plus Group


– Ducati Manila (Quezon City, NCR, Philippines)

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