Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Star 8 Avant

After my experience with Star 8’s Dart e-Scooter (, I was receiving messages here in YT and FB if the Dart EV was street-legal in the Philippines.

Turns out to be, I was not aware that the Dart EV is NOT a street-legal scooter!!! (Kinda violating my code of riding/driving all things street-legal, lol.)

So, this Avant according to the Land Transportation Office in the Philippines is STREET-LEGAL. Then this is my first ‘street-legal’ Star 8 EV motorcycle/scooter, what joy! (sarcasm)

How does this 1.5kW street-legal version differ compared to the non-street-legal 1kW Dart from my previous ‘Bite Test?’ Will the Avant be competent enough to keep up the average Southeast Asian traffic sphere? Time to check it out and see!