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Two Wheels Are Two Wheels…

This post I stumbled on Facebook ticked me, it really shows the state of the country that I refuse to say at this time. This post is being clamored by the Philippine netizens at the moment, it basically shows that the bike lane is not being used to its full potential which is sad.
Here’s my suggestion on how to properly use the bike lane, which is more in tune with common sense rather than government idiocy.  
If the traffic is in complete gridlock, the rider/biker has the option to use the bike line and ride at a similar speed/follow the flow as the cyclists. Basic common sense, not bureaucratic nonsense.
It is built to cater to anything on two wheels especially when the traffic is bumper-to-bumper. The motorcycle must leave the bike lane once the general traffic flows once again and/or the average flow of traffic exceeds the speed of the average cyclist.
Or the bike lane is just a wasted space if it’s not being utilized to its maximum purpose.
The UK does it, it’s normal in mainland Europe, and it’s been pretty safe and prudent so far.
If not, what’s the point of owning a motorcycle in PH in the first place!?
….oh the Philippine government (esp. Dick Gordon) wants to ban motorcycles.
Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Benelli VZ 125i

While Benelli has been churning out a plethora of middleweight 500cc motorcycles and more coming soon. Its parent company, Qianjiang Motor Group (which is owned by Geely now) has a huge brand library namely Qijiang, Generic, Keeway, and KSR.

This is the new VZ 125i, it’s Benelli’s take of its mid-tier ‘sporty’ 125cc small scooter! With its huge content of features at an affordable price point, this scoot can be a compelling buy to potential owners.

Ever since my “Taste Test” on the SYM CRUiSYM 150 (, this will be my second time riding a ‘small scooter’ in the Philippines! And I will show how I negotiate the terrible Metro Manila traffic on a ‘tiny’ scooter! This will a fun ride!

To our keen viewers out there, you might have already seen this bike before.

In fact, this is a rebadged version of the Keeway K-Blade 125 (which is already available in the Philippines for PHP6,000/USD124 less) and the Qijiang QJ125T-13B (which is only available in China).





– Benelli Test Drive Day (06-18-2021)


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– Benelli Q.J. Philippines



ML Classics

ML Classics: My Tour At SEMA 2016 Pt.1

At SEMA Show 2016? Check.

A Potato Cam? Check.


This is part 1 of my SEMA ’16 tour and I will give you a brief outlook on what’s coming up on future videos! Also a brief look at the Trion Nemesis RR hypercar! (don’t know if it’s still in the vaporware stage yet)

After figuring out the kinks and obstacles using HitFilm4 Express & Handbrake, this was my first ever edited video!

Welcome to ML Classics, here I upload some of my old videos from my old and now-defunct channel.

These videos were taken WAY before I acquired my GoPros. So let’s head towards memory lane!


More SEMA 2016 content in the future.



– SEMA Show 2016



News Random Blips

Starting From March 3 Onwards, All My Youtube Videos Will Have Subtitles With More Than 20+ Languages!!!

Since my 2 week break last month, I’ve been brainstorming on what to do with my videos and/or social media from 2021 and on. I realized that I have fans from all over the globe, from Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam, and even in some African countries!!! Some of my Filipino fans are frustrated that I don’t/refuse to speak Tagalog/Filipino on my review videos (whether on YT or FB). I kept on telling them that my channel is NOT a Filipino-centric channel but more of a global channel.

So I figure out to connect more people worldwide, I might as well go all out and provide subtitles! And not just a meager 2, 3, or even 5 languages…make that MORE THAN 20 LANGUAGES!!! With that in mind, here are the languages that I will be including:

  • Amharic
  • Afrikaans
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (simplified, Taiwan)
  • Chinese (traditional, China)
  • English (American)
  • Filipino / Tagalog
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin
  • Malay
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

Yeah, yeah, yeah, none of the Google-based translations are perfect. But it’s still a small step, right!?

More videos will be subtitled in due time. As of this article, The 2020 Honda CB650R Taste Test and the upcoming 2020 Moto Guzzi V9 Sport Bobber Taste Test are already subtitle-ready!

I will also provide subtitles on Facebook when possible, but I think they’re limited up to 5 languages at a time. Also since my Facebook page is more Filipino-centric compared to my Youtube platform, it will be an Asian-centric affair. So over there, I will provide:

  • Filipino / Tagalog
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese*
  • Korean*
  • Malay
  • Spanish*
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

*If Facebook can accommodate more languages

And if other video platforms would provide the same flexibility as Youtube, then I will implement the same concept.



Bite Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Vespa Primavera 150 (Base)

With so many Vespa models out there, there can be only one ‘goldilocks’ model on its lineup. It shows on their sales charts worldwide!

This is the Primavera 150, this is the Vespa that I see the most in both countries (US & PH)! It’s hard to argue why, it has that balance of wants and needs that potential Vespa owners are looking for.

One of the categories on what I call: “Heritage/Retro Scooters,” does face some very formidable competition worldwide!

But despite that, the venerable Prima holds its own as the de-facto cultural cruiser!

After riding the entry-level S125 and its chief rival the Kymco Like 150i, does the Prima 150 standout despite its pricey price tag?



– Ride PH Cafe 2020


Dealer / Distributor (PHI):

– Vespa Philippines [Autoitalia] (San Juan City, NCR, Philippines)


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2021 Indian FTR Rally

When you need a somewhat of an American Dual-Sport machine with a V-Twin you only have two choices: one is from Harley-Davidson with its Pan America and one is from Indian with its FTR Rally.

While the upcoming Pan America is like an Iowa-Class battleship. The new Indian FTR Rally is the closest V-Twin to a dedicated to going (somewhat) off-road.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s no true Dual-Sport with the likes of 690 Enduro-R, DR650, nor even a Desert Sled! But having an American V-Twin that can go light off-road is a bonus at any price!

Based on the excellent FTR 1200 series, this Rally version has serious shoes equipped with its Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, cross-spoked wheels, and marginally increased ride height.

Since I’ve already ridden the flagship 1200 S Race Replica last year, I’m curious about how does the Rally ride and feel. It does not have the fancy TFT gauge, nor the ZF suspensions will it be the same old thing or a different beast?



Host Manufacturer:

– Indian Motorcycle International



Host Dealer:

– Sin City IndianMotorcycle (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)



Dealer / Distributor (PHI):

– Indian Motorcycle Philippines (Quezon City, NCR)



Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 SYM CRUiSYM 150 (Base) [PH-spec]

What are the chances when a certain motorcycle specifically built for a specific country, not a specific region like Southeast Asia, but a specific country like the Philippines!?

Yes, you heard it right! The SYM CRUiSYM 150 is specifically engineered and developed for the Philippine market! Based on the Globally-market SYM Jet 14 series (50cc, 125cc Air, 125cc Liquid, & the 200cc flagship), then SYM adopted the brand name of its Globally-marketed CRUiSYM series (50cc, 250cc, & 300cc) maxi-scooter name, and installed a powerful un-restricted 150cc Liquid-Cooled engine that produces more power than SYM’s own popular 200cc motor!

It is hard to believe because the 150cc market in the Philippines is so competitive, SYM has to devise a plan to compete with the likes of the Honda Click/Vario 150i, Yamaha’s twin 155cc’s Aerox/NVX & N Max, & the premium 150cc’s like the Like 150 and Vespa 150cc Series.

How good is this ‘Pinoy-specific’ CRUiSYM 150 on a ‘Taste Test’ setup!? Find out here!


Host Dealer / Distributor:

– SYM Philippines



– SYM Global


Dealer (PHI):

– Mitsukoshi Motors Philippines