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Two Wheels Are Two Wheels…

This post I stumbled on Facebook ticked me, it really shows the state of the country that I refuse to say at this time. This post is being clamored by the Philippine netizens at the moment, it basically shows that the bike lane is not being used to its full potential which is sad.
Here’s my suggestion on how to properly use the bike lane, which is more in tune with common sense rather than government idiocy.  
If the traffic is in complete gridlock, the rider/biker has the option to use the bike line and ride at a similar speed/follow the flow as the cyclists. Basic common sense, not bureaucratic nonsense.
It is built to cater to anything on two wheels especially when the traffic is bumper-to-bumper. The motorcycle must leave the bike lane once the general traffic flows once again and/or the average flow of traffic exceeds the speed of the average cyclist.
Or the bike lane is just a wasted space if it’s not being utilized to its maximum purpose.
The UK does it, it’s normal in mainland Europe, and it’s been pretty safe and prudent so far.
If not, what’s the point of owning a motorcycle in PH in the first place!?
….oh the Philippine government (esp. Dick Gordon) wants to ban motorcycles.
Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Triumph Bonneville 1200 Street Scrambler

Of all of its Triumph Modern Classic (ie. Bonneville) line: if you want a small, functional, a bit of ruggedness on the side without sacrificing style; look no further than this 900cc Street Scrambler!

While the Scrambler 1200 might be too much in size and price for some and the Street Twin may not be capable enough for the tougher stuff, this Bonneville 900 flagship is somewhat the goldilocks of the bunch.

With increasing heat with rivals such as the Ducati Scramblers, BMW R nine-Ts, and Moto Guzzi V9s; Triumph has to hold on to its crown as the king of Heritage Classic motorcycle.

I actually like the package that Triumph brought here, it shows that it’s not afraid of measly potholes, yet compact enough to be treated like a normal standard motorcycle.

I was impressed with the Speedmaster 1200 almost two years ago, will this smaller Bonnie continue the trend?