Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Standard

Five years ago, nobody would even think that Harley-Davidson would showcase a bike like this. Then 2018 arrived, the whole world was shocked when the PanAm debut in concept form.

The Motor Company confirmed its production intent a few weeks later and now here we are! The Pan America 1250 is here, large and in charge!

The newest player in the hugely popular ‘Premium Full-Size Adventure Touring’ segment, the PanAm is ready to take on against the juggernauts from BMW, KTM, Honda, Ducati, Honda, & Triumph.

What I have here in this episode is the base ‘Standard’ model, which may not be available outside North America. But to get the true basis of the PanAm 1250, I’d like to test this model first.

For its first-ever attempt in the ADV biz, does Harley-Davidson did its homework? Will, it leapfrog other rivals? I simply just can’t wait anymore!!! I just wish Harley success on the Pan America!


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– Harley-Davidson Motor Company (USA)


Host Dealer:

– Las Vegas Harley-Davidson (Las Vegas, NV, USA)


Dealer / Distributor (PH):

– Harley-Davidson of Manila