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Bite Test: 2020 Bristol Classic 400i Omega

Things are heating up in the Philippines as the onslaught of ‘Highway-Legal’ motorcycles is becoming a hot ticket item in the country!

With the worsening traffic conditions on a scattered island like the Philippines, it makes logical sense of owning an affordable entry-level 400cc bike especially if you plan on exploring the beautiful island!

One of those contenders is the Classic-Naked 2020 Bristol Classic 400i Omega, along with the cafe-styled BR 400i Omega, these two were the flagship bikes from the Philippine-based Bristol until the Venturi 500 debuted.

Also known as the Herald Classic 400 in Europe, both Bristol and Herald are based on the Somoto 400 (Cafe/Classic/Scrambler) platform from China.

With now increased competition from Zongshen/Rusi, CFMoto, Motorstar-Voge, Bajaj, and the Japanese Big-4, will the Classic 400 a solid choice? 


What are ‘Highway-Legal Motorcycles’ you ask? Here’s an explainer:



– Makina Moto Tiangge 2019

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Host Dealer / Distributor:

– Bristol Motorcycle Group (Philippines)


Related Manufacturers:

– Herald Motor Company (UK)