Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Honda BeAT 110 (ISS/CBS)

The entry-level scooter game here in the Philippines can be a very crowded affair.

With all these scooters costs less than PHP70k (US$1,385), these 110cc budget scooter classes are one of the most popular forms of motorcycling in Southeast Asia! Along with Suzuki’s Skydrive Sport [UX110] from my previous ‘Bite Test,’ this Honda BeAT [ACH110] competes on this very competitive market!
The 2020 model of BeAT scooter comes with 3 distinct models now (Street, Fashion Sport, & Premium). But this 2019 model is called the ISS/CBS (Idle-Stop System & Combined-Braking System) on which is equivalent to the 2020 Premium model.
How will the BeAT compare to the Skydrive Sport scooter? Since it tough for me to get a hold to even test these scoots, this is all I can manage. I hope you guys will like today’s ‘Bite Test!’
(I will remain to call this scooter “Be-At,” not “Beat” like the old Honda’s Kei-class wonder roadster.)
Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Star 8 Dart

To be honest, I have never heard of this company before.

Star 8 Green is a multi-national company that brings electric vehicle technology to the masses. Sure it may not be as well-known as Zero, Energica, Cake, or even the newcomer, Damon motorcycles.

Star 8 specializes in various enviro-friendly products, like solar-powered lamps, low-speed electric mopeds, electric vehicles for commercial applications (tricycle-alternatives/mini-buses/mini-PUVs), and now Star 8 is delving into the world of street-legal motorcycles & scooters!

Out of four of their Street-Legal lineup, this Dart scooter is their entry-level model. The Dart is currently pending clearance to be finally be ridden on surface streets (not meant for highways, freeways, or any streets with speeds over 30mph/50kph on average).

On this ‘Bite Test’ episode, how will the Dart EV perform during my short ride! Will it fall apart? Hows the quality? Will, I even fit on this scooter!? Find out here!




NOTE: This Dart has no relation with Dodge nor Stellantis (STLA).



– Philippine Department of Energy’s Promotional Run for Advance Energy Technology Vehicles


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– Star 8 Green Philippines


Host Dealer:

– Star 8 Shop (Las PiƱas, NCR, Philippines)