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ML Classics: My Tour At SEMA 2016 Pt.1

At SEMA Show 2016? Check.

A Potato Cam? Check.


This is part 1 of my SEMA ’16 tour and I will give you a brief outlook on what’s coming up on future videos! Also a brief look at the Trion Nemesis RR hypercar! (don’t know if it’s still in the vaporware stage yet)

After figuring out the kinks and obstacles using HitFilm4 Express & Handbrake, this was my first ever edited video!

Welcome to ML Classics, here I upload some of my old videos from my old and now-defunct channel.

These videos were taken WAY before I acquired my GoPros. So let’s head towards memory lane!


More SEMA 2016 content in the future.



– SEMA Show 2016



Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Levdeo i3 Comfort Series

Despite all the stigma in regard to Chinese cars in general, it does not stop me from reviewing this Low-Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV)! Welcome to the Levdeo i3, an A-segment City Car with a stolen identity from BMW and an unknown car brand even by Chinese standards! Levdeo is a newcomer brand in China from 2019!!

Following my #AllCarsMatter mantra, I was fortunate enough to ‘Taste Test’ this relatively unknown city EV hatchback! Auto Hub Group Philippines insisted for me to drive this peculiar EV City Car!

LSEV vehicles are currently popular in France and some parts of the European Union.

This unit here is somewhat of a ‘test market’ vehicle, the i3 is already currently for sale in Mainland China as I publish this video. Being a pure-electric vehicle, I shall discuss the viability of this Levdeo and EVs in general in the Philippines.

Being a curious monkey, I can’t wait how does it drive and the stigma on Chinese cars in general.



Host Dealer / Distributor:

– Auto Hub Group (San Juan City, NCR, Philippines)



Chine Reyes [Assist. Admin for Sales & Marketing, Triumph Motorcycles Philippines]


News Opinions Rev Bites

Rev Bites: Not Releasing The New Juke Outside Europe Is A Misstep

One thing I noticed about the Philippine automotive market, let’s set aside their vanilla local car selections and focus on their love affair with Nissan Jukes.

This weird-looking crossover captures the hearts of many Filipinos as I’ve seen many of them roaming the Metro Manila streets!

Since the first-generation model has long passed on with no direct replacement in sight at the moment. I would think of offering the second-generation Nissan Juke would be a logical choice for Nissan PH to market.

By now, mainstream Philippine outlets are torn between this Juke or the other small (but blandly-designed) CUV the Nissan Kicks.

(This video was originally recorded live on Facebook last April.)