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Bite Test: 2020 Bristol Classic 250

Before I rode this small-ish retro motorcycle, I was treated to ride its brother: The Bristol BR 250. It was a decent kit for the price it was aiming for, but it was not my cup of tea. Simply because it’s completely my fault, I’m not too keen on clip-on style motorcycles like sportbikes and cafe racers.

These types of bikes usually give me neck pain after riding them for more than 30 mins! Hence my strong personal preference towards Naked-Standard Bikes/Motorcycles whenever I desire any fast motorcycle compared to their sportbike cousins.

So when I saw that the Classic 250 was next to the BR 250, I was relieved that I was about to test its ‘more relaxed’ brother! Now my curiosity heightened and my desire to ‘Bite Test’ this motorcycle!

The Bristol Classic 250 carries the same price as the BR 250!!! It’s up to you which style do you prefer the most! But always remember to test fit or even better, test ride/drive both bikes to see which bikes suit YOU better!

This contemporary Classic 250 along with the slightly more aggressive BR 250 are the entry-level models from the Caloocan City Dealer-Distributor company Bristol Group. This Classic 250 is their ‘Triumph Bonneville-like’ model, on which it has a traditional handlebar plus other cosmetic parts that differentiate it from its cafe racer brother.

Bristol is a Philippine-based brand on which sells custom-ordered motorcycles from the Taiwanese firm Herald Motorcycles on which is now known in countries like the UK and in Australia.




– CHAMMP Riders’ Day Out

Host Dealer/Distributor:
– Bristol Motorcycle Group (Philippines)