Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 [AUDIO ONLY]

Have you seen a motorcycle so highly anticipated, it took Yamaha 3 years to introduce its 3rd-generation of its smaller Tenere model since the T7 Concept!

While the rest of the world enjoyed their 1st-gen XTZ660 Tenere and the 2nd-gen XT660Z Tenere. Like Mitsubishi’s Evolution, Subaru’s WRX/STI, and Nissan’s GT-R, the North American and other folks waited for an eternity to get what they deserve!

The 3rd-generation XTZ690 Tenere is finally here! And this time, it will be a true Global motorcycle, and it’s about time!!!

I’ve been waiting for a while to get my paws to test one, it looks very promising, it looks nice in a techno modern way, would it be my favorite middleweight ADV motorcycle?

While I haven’t ridden any of the KTM’s 790/890 series just yet, will it be the king of ADV-Dirt bike for now? 


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– Yamaha Motor Corporation (USA)  


Host Dealer:

– RideNow Powersports on Boulder (Las Vegas, NV, USA)


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2018 KTM 1090 Adventure-R

Before the 790, 390, and soon the 490 Adventure series of bikes, KTM’s bike lineup wasn’t as diverse as they are now.

The 1090 Adventure-R was the gateway to KTM’s Adventure line. Replacing the much-loved and iconic old-flagship, the 1190 Adventure series.

Slotting below the insane 1290 flagships, this 1090 competes with the likes of the V-Strom 1000, the F800 GS, the Tiger 800 XCA, and most especially the much talk-about Honda’s Africa Twin!

The 1090 Adventure-R is one of the few bikes I consider as “Adventure-Dirt” motorcycles as they put their emphasis on dirt riding rather than street riding. But it makes the 690 Enduro-R a spartan Dual-Sport compared to the 1090R.

Since I’ve already ridden all the 1290 Adventure series (S, R, & T), is this 1090 a watered-down boring beast? Find out here!


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Host Dealer:

– Chaparral Motorsports (San Bernardino, CA, USA)


Dealer (PHI):

– KTM Philippines