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Taste Test: 2018 Polaris Slingshot SL


Three-wheeled cars, 3-wheelers, tri-cycles, tri-cars, reverse trike, and Autocycles. These are the names associated with vehicles like this. Much like the Morgan 3Wheeler, Campagna T-Rex & V13R, and Vanderhall Venice within this group; the Polaris Slingshot is by far the bestseller on its segment!

Polaris claims that the Slingshot as a ‘motorcycle’ in the US. But I consider this as a 3-wheeled car (although the name ‘Autocycle’ sounds right too).

On actuality, how does this vehicle drive!? Does it deliver the same fun factor as a typical sports car? Or is this vehicle serves as an excuse for Polaris just to enter the sports car genre and dance around US regulations? Either way, this will be a completely curious experience!

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