Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Bristol BR 250

There are not many choices when it comes to hipster-ready small 250cc cafe racer type motorcycles out there.

Sure, you might opt for the real deal British-made Norton, but you lack the cash. While some shady Chinese-made bikes may scare you. And the Japanese big-4 aren’t ‘pure’ enough, then why not give this brand a try!?

Bristol is a Philippine-based brand on which sells custom-ordered motorcycles from the Taiwanese firm Herald Motorcycles on which is now known in countries like the UK and in Australia.

This BR 250 along with the Classic 250 are the entry-level models from the Caloocan City Dealer-Distributor company Bristol Group. This BR 250 is their ‘cafe racer’ model, on which it has a clip-on-style handlebar plus other mods that differentiate it from its standard-style brother.

I’m just curious about how does it ride, hows the features, the balance, and does the price justifies its overall quality?