Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2019 Royal Enfield Classic 500 (base)

Are you sick and tired of seeing all the modern bikes roaming the streets these days? Do you just want to ride an honest, simple, mecha-analog machine on two-wheels?

Well, here’s your bike! This is the Royal Enfield Classic 500, a British brand made in India. I think this might be the closest thing to an old-school as you can get in 2020!

This will be my first-ever time to ride a motorcycle as analog as this one! So I keep an open mind as I look around this classically-designed motorcycle!

I’m just excited to ride bikes like these, as what I always say: #AllBikesMatter, any bike I ride provides a unique experience. This bike is no different!

Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Honda BeAT 110 (ISS/CBS)

The entry-level scooter game here in the Philippines can be a very crowded affair.

With all these scooters costs less than PHP70k (US$1,385), these 110cc budget scooter classes are one of the most popular forms of motorcycling in Southeast Asia! Along with Suzuki’s Skydrive Sport [UX110] from my previous ‘Bite Test,’ this Honda BeAT [ACH110] competes on this very competitive market!
The 2020 model of BeAT scooter comes with 3 distinct models now (Street, Fashion Sport, & Premium). But this 2019 model is called the ISS/CBS (Idle-Stop System & Combined-Braking System) on which is equivalent to the 2020 Premium model.
How will the BeAT compare to the Skydrive Sport scooter? Since it tough for me to get a hold to even test these scoots, this is all I can manage. I hope you guys will like today’s ‘Bite Test!’
(I will remain to call this scooter “Be-At,” not “Beat” like the old Honda’s Kei-class wonder roadster.)
Bite Tests Taste Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Suzuki Skydrive Sport

Unlike in the US and some parts of the world, most entry-level motorcycles or scooters in South and Southeast Asia typically start at a higher displacement engine.

Usually, these start between 100cc up to 115cc on their basement level spec, while developed nations usually start at 50 wheezing cc’s!

One of these entry-level offerings here in the Philippines (& maybe in SE Asia) is this Suzuki Skydrive Sport! Basically inspired by the larger Skydrive 125i, the Sport offers a cost-effective compared to rivals.

At the recording last October (on PART1), the small Skydrive was my first-ever ride on an entry-level Asian-spec scooter!

See how I cope with riding this matte blue machine!