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Taste Test: 2019 Triumph Street Triple RS 765

Things can’t get any much better than this, Triumph has stepped up the game in the ‘Super Naked’ genre by introducing the 765 Triple engine on its Street Triple line back in 2017!

Back then, it was a masterclass of a motorcycle! Making the newly updated (at the time) Yamaha MT-09 back on its drawing board. And making other models took notice right away!

Having ridden the previous-generation 2016 Street Triple R 675 (no video) and the more ferocious 2019 Speed Triple RS 1050 (, I had high hopes for this model!

For this is the last model year of the 2017-version, I took the opportunity to ‘Taste Test’ this much-anticipated model before the updated 2020-version ‘squinty’ model comes out. My expectations for this 765 is very high, I couldn’t contain my excitement!

This will also showcase the 765s ability to handle one of the worst cities to drive/ride in the world according to Waze: Metro Manila, Philippines. This will be stupid fun!


Host Dealer/Distributor (PHI):

– Triumph Motorcycles Philippines (San Juan City, Metro Manila)



– Triumph Motorcycles Limited (Global/USA)