Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Standard

Five years ago, nobody would even think that Harley-Davidson would showcase a bike like this. Then 2018 arrived, the whole world was shocked when the PanAm debut in concept form.

The Motor Company confirmed its production intent a few weeks later and now here we are! The Pan America 1250 is here, large and in charge!

The newest player in the hugely popular ‘Premium Full-Size Adventure Touring’ segment, the PanAm is ready to take on against the juggernauts from BMW, KTM, Honda, Ducati, Honda, & Triumph.

What I have here in this episode is the base ‘Standard’ model, which may not be available outside North America. But to get the true basis of the PanAm 1250, I’d like to test this model first.

For its first-ever attempt in the ADV biz, does Harley-Davidson did its homework? Will, it leapfrog other rivals? I simply just can’t wait anymore!!! I just wish Harley success on the Pan America!


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– Harley-Davidson Motor Company (USA)


Host Dealer:

– Las Vegas Harley-Davidson (Las Vegas, NV, USA)


Dealer / Distributor (PH):

– Harley-Davidson of Manila


ML Classics Rev Bites

Rev Bites: No Action Cams on Demos!?

Here is my old rant from 2018!


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 [AUDIO ONLY]

Have you seen a motorcycle so highly anticipated, it took Yamaha 3 years to introduce its 3rd-generation of its smaller Tenere model since the T7 Concept!

While the rest of the world enjoyed their 1st-gen XTZ660 Tenere and the 2nd-gen XT660Z Tenere. Like Mitsubishi’s Evolution, Subaru’s WRX/STI, and Nissan’s GT-R, the North American and other folks waited for an eternity to get what they deserve!

The 3rd-generation XTZ690 Tenere is finally here! And this time, it will be a true Global motorcycle, and it’s about time!!!

I’ve been waiting for a while to get my paws to test one, it looks very promising, it looks nice in a techno modern way, would it be my favorite middleweight ADV motorcycle?

While I haven’t ridden any of the KTM’s 790/890 series just yet, will it be the king of ADV-Dirt bike for now? 


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– Yamaha Motor Corporation (USA)  


Host Dealer:

– RideNow Powersports on Boulder (Las Vegas, NV, USA)


Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Kawasaki W800 Cafe Black Edition

Many motorcycle fans often dismiss ‘copycat’ bikes in general. Where should I start?

First are what they call ‘metric cruisers’ on which Asian and European manufacturers try their very best to grab that precious slice on the American cruiser market. And now recently, the other way around on Harley-Davidson bringing out the Pan America 1250 to the very competitive adventure bike market!

Between these times, few companies often try to emulate the iconic Triumph Bonneville ‘British-style’ standard motorcycle, from the Royal Enfield’s, Honda’s, Benelli’s, BMW’s, and even some Chinese bikes are getting into the fray!

But nothing can be more faithful to the source material than Kawasaki and its below-the-radar bike, the W800 Series! Now being offered in 5 model configurations throughout its years (Street, Street Black Edition, Cafe, Cafe Black Edition, & Meguro K3).

The unit I will be ‘Bite Testing’ is the W800 Cafe Black Edition, with its slightly aggressive riding position, narrower handlebar, and all-black styling. These combinations are totally foreign to me! It will be a different experience for me completely.



– Kawasaki Test Ride + KSRR (Kawasaki Safety & Responsible Riding)


Host Manufacturer/Distributor:

– Kawasaki Motors Philippines



Dealer (PHI):

– Kawasaki Krib Libis (Quezon City, NCR)



Insert Video:

Rider DZ One


ML Classics

ML Classics: My Tour At SEMA 2016 Pt.1

At SEMA Show 2016? Check.

A Potato Cam? Check.


This is part 1 of my SEMA ’16 tour and I will give you a brief outlook on what’s coming up on future videos! Also a brief look at the Trion Nemesis RR hypercar! (don’t know if it’s still in the vaporware stage yet)

After figuring out the kinks and obstacles using HitFilm4 Express & Handbrake, this was my first ever edited video!

Welcome to ML Classics, here I upload some of my old videos from my old and now-defunct channel.

These videos were taken WAY before I acquired my GoPros. So let’s head towards memory lane!


More SEMA 2016 content in the future.



– SEMA Show 2016



Snack Tests

Snack Test: 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 650

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been wanting myself to be on a racetrack, whether if it’s from a car or a motorcycle, it has been one of my childhood dreams.

Seeing that, I’m a frustrated racer. It’s because I was never given a chance to push any machine or myself to absolute limits. Du to this, I used to street race during my youth no matter what racing discipline it is.

So my first-ever track day experience would be on an Adventure-Touring bike, the V-Strom 650! I call this THE jack of all trades, master of none motorcycle.

So will it also perform well on a racetrack? So given for what it is, also fresh from off-roading, how does the bike or even me handle on a proper racetrack like Clark International Speedway? Will I be out of place in a field of ‘proper’ sport and track bikes?


I will never forget this experience, ever!


There will be more Snack Tests in the future, stay tuned! 



– 6th Wheeltek Tack Day [PH]


Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 TVS Max 125 Semi Trail

While there are many smaller ‘underbone’ or mopeds and so-called smaller traditional motorcycles called ‘overbone’ bikes in developing countries in Asia like the Philippines. There are not many that offer some capabilities of going off-road.

Sure, there are 150cc Dual-Sports that are available for the hardcore stuff, but there are people who are looking for that somewhat of an ADV-style bike experience!

Good thing one Indian motorcycle company steps up to the plate! The 2020 TVS Max 125 Semi Trail is that option!

With a wallet-friendly price, plus a decent off-road capability my have a certain niche all to itself! What a superb job by TVS!

With new rivals from different manufacturers popping up from China, will the Max hold it off?

Also as I found out that both TVS Max 125 series (Semi Trail & Sport) are NOT even marketed in its home market in India!!!





– Makina Moto Tiangge 2019


Host Manufacturer / Distributor:

– TVS Motorcycle Philippines


Dealer (PHI):

– Wheeltek (Philipines, Nationwide)


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

Have you ever wanted a Ducati, but you refuse to buy used/pre-owned? Well, congratulations!! Here it is!!! This is the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2, your gateway bike into the ‘Ducatista Lifestyle!’

As the most affordable Ducati on its lineup, of course, you will get that ‘true’ Italian motorcycle as it is made in Northern Italy, unlike its mostly Asian-made competitors!

So, will the Sixty2 be competitive as the only 400cc Ducati compared to its rivals especially with a growing threat from the Chinese?

The good thing is the Sixty2 is so appealing, my Sister even bought one! That’s saying something, I think…



– Overland Expo West 2019



Host Manufacturer:

– Ducati North America (USA)




Host Dealer:

– Go AZ Motorcycles (City, Co, Country)



Dealer (PHI):

– Ducati Philippines (Quezon City, Metro Manila)



Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Bristol Classic 400i Omega

Things are heating up in the Philippines as the onslaught of ‘Highway-Legal’ motorcycles is becoming a hot ticket item in the country!

With the worsening traffic conditions on a scattered island like the Philippines, it makes logical sense of owning an affordable entry-level 400cc bike especially if you plan on exploring the beautiful island!

One of those contenders is the Classic-Naked 2020 Bristol Classic 400i Omega, along with the cafe-styled BR 400i Omega, these two were the flagship bikes from the Philippine-based Bristol until the Venturi 500 debuted.

Also known as the Herald Classic 400 in Europe, both Bristol and Herald are based on the Somoto 400 (Cafe/Classic/Scrambler) platform from China.

With now increased competition from Zongshen/Rusi, CFMoto, Motorstar-Voge, Bajaj, and the Japanese Big-4, will the Classic 400 a solid choice? 


What are ‘Highway-Legal Motorcycles’ you ask? Here’s an explainer:



– Makina Moto Tiangge 2019

– CHAMMP Riders’ Day Out


Host Dealer / Distributor:

– Bristol Motorcycle Group (Philippines)


Related Manufacturers:

– Herald Motor Company (UK)




Rant: Force-Feeding Us With EV Vehicles And The Implications Towards Everything

With all the huge PR in regards to Electric Vehicles.
You cannot see the hypocrisy and hate towards ICE (internal combustion) engines.
And also, not to mention the slave labor for extracting lithium in Africa as I type right now.
Don’t get me wrong, I welcome new technologies such as Hydrogen, Bio-Fuel/Diesel, Grease Fuel, Clean Diesel, and Porsche’s upcoming Synthetic Fuel along with current EVs and Hybrids.
But forcing people to adopt one tech over the other is just plain stupid.

Give people the options to choose on what see’s them fit, not to mandate consumers like a leashed slaves with a muzzle on their mouths!

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