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Thoughts On The Hyundai Santa Cruz and Stellantis Should Act Now!

My honest thoughts on the new Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Also, a scope of the potential rivals that it may face.

And it’s time for Stellantis to wake up!!



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Rev Bites: No Action Cams on Demos!?

Here is my old rant from 2018!


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Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!! | 1000 Subscribers Special on YouTube!

It’s been a long journey! Now at 1000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Since you guys requested it on and off-screen, I think it’s the perfect time for me to show you what I have been using all these years!

From my 1st channel (now under construction) up until this one, for four years of sharing my experience to the best of my ability! Now I will be showing everything I use to make this channel a reality!

This is a long video, so hang in there!

Once again my deepest and sincerest thanks for being with me!

For more experiences to come!!!

Gear and Items will be listed soon!



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Rev Bites: Why The Lack Of Fun Cars And The Swift Sport PH!?

Last April, Maruti-Suzuki of India was caught testing the exciting Suzuki Swift Sport.

That got me thinking. Since Suzuki PH offers cars mostly from Maruti-Suzuki of India, why can’t they import this hot hatch in the Philippines!?

Plus I point out the lack of fun affordable sporty cars in the Philippines.

(This video was originally recorded live on Facebook last April.)

[UPDATE] Two weeks ago, Maruti confirmed that The Swift Sport will not arrive in India.


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Rev Bites: Not Releasing The New Juke Outside Europe Is A Misstep

One thing I noticed about the Philippine automotive market, let’s set aside their vanilla local car selections and focus on their love affair with Nissan Jukes.

This weird-looking crossover captures the hearts of many Filipinos as I’ve seen many of them roaming the Metro Manila streets!

Since the first-generation model has long passed on with no direct replacement in sight at the moment. I would think of offering the second-generation Nissan Juke would be a logical choice for Nissan PH to market.

By now, mainstream Philippine outlets are torn between this Juke or the other small (but blandly-designed) CUV the Nissan Kicks.

(This video was originally recorded live on Facebook last April.)