Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Benelli VZ 125i

While Benelli has been churning out a plethora of middleweight 500cc motorcycles and more coming soon. Its parent company, Qianjiang Motor Group (which is owned by Geely now) has a huge brand library namely Qijiang, Generic, Keeway, and KSR.

This is the new VZ 125i, it’s Benelli’s take of its mid-tier ‘sporty’ 125cc small scooter! With its huge content of features at an affordable price point, this scoot can be a compelling buy to potential owners.

Ever since my “Taste Test” on the SYM CRUiSYM 150 (, this will be my second time riding a ‘small scooter’ in the Philippines! And I will show how I negotiate the terrible Metro Manila traffic on a ‘tiny’ scooter! This will a fun ride!

To our keen viewers out there, you might have already seen this bike before.

In fact, this is a rebadged version of the Keeway K-Blade 125 (which is already available in the Philippines for PHP6,000/USD124 less) and the Qijiang QJ125T-13B (which is only available in China).





– Benelli Test Drive Day (06-18-2021)


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– Benelli Q.J. Philippines



Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Voge 500R / Loncin CR7

As the last motorcycle on my “Voge Bite Test Trilogy,” I saved the sportiest model for last (hopefully not forever)! The Voge 500R, Loncin LX500, Loncin CR7, or in the South American Latino market, the Loncin Brivido; is the Honda CB500F-inspired middleweight naked bike that tries to break out in the segment.

Like the ADV-Sport bike the Honda CB500X-inspired Voge 500DS/Loncin DS7/Valico/LX500-2, shares many of its major engine and suspension components albeit with some equipment and styling tweaks to make the 500R a true naked bike.

So much CB500F’s inspiration, Loncin was under contract with Honda to assemble the CB500-series to certain markets a few years ago. Now, Loncin has re-purposed, re-styled, & re-engineer the bike to become Loncin/Voge’s own flagship naked motorcycle!

Since it’s Voge’s sportiest offering, how would this naked compete against the rising star Benelli Leoncino 500, and the motorcycle that is inspired by, the Honda CB500F? It may not be a “Teste Test,” but it’s a start!

As of this recording, I had little to no knowledge about the brand nor the bike itself! So basically I had a crash course on researching what lies behind this product itself! I’ve learned all the info on the Voge brand since I was editing the 650DS.





– CHAMMP Riders’ Day Out



– Voge Motorcycles [Loncin Motorcycles]


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– Voge Motorcycle Philippines


– Motorstar Philippines (Nationwide)


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2021 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Fireball

After building their legacy models such as their Classic & Bullet 350/500s, RE is in need of moving on and modernize its entry-level line! This time RE has come up with their own take of its ‘American-style’ cruiser-ish motorcycle!

This is the all-new Meteor 350! RE’s new entry-level bike replacing the Classic/Bullet 350 in certain markets. But by no means of being archaic nor primitive like its predecessors, this might change its overall outlook to the brand!

With all the classic styling and traditional features, the Meteor also has modern tech up its sleeve! This is the only model (I think) in the market that has turn-by-turn navigation called the ‘Tripper Navigation’ system and gauge pod, on which it connects thru your phone, and by the power of Google (Maps & Places) you can tailor-made your trip without operating your phone nor have your phone on display! (Unfortunately, I never got the chance to test it during the event.)

The Meteor holds much promise especially in Asia on which is devoid of small & affordable cruiser-style motorcycles in the region! Except in countries with minimum displacement restrictions on toll expressways (like in PH).

I am excited to get on with this bike after so much fanfare and excitement! In fact, I may be the first Pinoy ‘journalist’ who will get to test ride this bike! Happy-happy me!!!



– Get On! Moto Fest (Texas Motor Speedway,  



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– Royal Enfield North America (USA)



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– Royal Enfield Philippines