Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Vespa S 125

Have you ever wanted an iconic scooter without breaking the bank? Piaggio’s Vespa has an answer for you! The new for 2020 S 125!

Basically a Southeast Asian exclusive (maybe), this scooter is the gateway to the Vespa lifestyle! With its huge following and street cred, you can’t fault its huge fanbase!

But this Vespa might not be for everyone, especially with its premium price tag and a slew of better-valued competitors and imitators. Is this budget meal Vespa worth the extra price? Let us see on this (very) short ride!


Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2018 Suzuki SV650 (ABS)

Suzuki has many motorcycles that have a cult following:

– For ‘squids’ = The GSX-R series

– For speed fanatics = The Hayabusa (esp. Twin-Turbo installed)

– For Dual-Sport = The DR/DR-Z series

– For ADV Riders = The V-Strom series

– And for ‘the kamote kings’ = The Raider 150

But over the years, none has a more distinct following than the SV650.

The SV650 has been around since 1999 as a low-budget alternative to the British Street Triples and Ducati Monsters of the day! For its combination of low price-high value with a dash of fun to toss along, this 3rd generation marks the return to its Sport-Naked glory!

A staple of Suzuki’s V/L-Twin line of motorcycles (along with the V-Strom) makes the SV (and its SFV650 Gladius predecessor) a definite icon and loved by riders all over the world!

But as a cousin to one of my favorite motorcycles, the V-Strom 650. Will, a different riding experience to hold its name? Especially with a very-crowded 650-750cc Sport Naked Class, how will it stand out compared to the much popular and lovable Yamaha MT-07?

(Video made in 2018, edited & uploaded in 2020)


Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2020 Voge 650DS / Loncin DS8

Another challenger from China trying to break the mold in the mainstage! Introducing Voge, the new motorcycle from the Chinese motorcycle conglomerate, Loncin.

Following the footsteps of Benelli Q.J. and CFMoto, Voge emphasizes premium feel and experience at very competitive prices! This Voge 650DS alongside with the rebadged Loncin DS8 (on certain markets) is their flagship motorcycle!

People will be familiar with its 650cc single-cylinder on this bike, remember the BMW G650, F650, and the lightweight Husqvarna TR650? Some of the Rotax-engineered 650 was built by Loncin under contract up until production halted. Now under Loncin (with license), that same engine is currently powering this Adventure-Touring motorcycle! I personally did not know that up until I edited this video!

I thought that this bike is like a spiritual successor to the now legendary Kawasaki KLR 650.

But will an ‘updated G650’ with modern toys be enough to be worthy of nostalgia? Or will this be a copy and paste affair? I have not ridden the G650, F650, nor the TR650. Maybe I will get a ‘taste’ of that, let’s see…




Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2018 BMW R1200 GS Adventure

If there is one motorcycle within the BMW hemisphere, what would it be? Track Junkie may say the S1000 RR, Hipsters may say the R nineT Pure, Retirees may say the K1600 Grand America, but to many Adventure Fans will point out one bike, and that the ‘Ultimate Riding Machine:’ the R1200 GS Adventure!

As one of BMW’s trifecta flagships: S1000-K1600-R1200 (now R1250), this fully-loaded GS Adventure is Globally known as the ‘de facto’ ADV bike! One year before the debut of the R1250, here I take a look at this cream of the crop of ADV motorcycles!

I have ridden many flagship ADV bikes (Multistrada 1200/1260, CRF1000L Africa Twin, XT1200 Super Tenere, Tiger 1200, & 1290 Super Adventure), also I’ve ridden other R1200 models (check out my videos on the Base & Rallye model). My question is what makes the R1200 GS Adventure so special even for a short (less than 1-hour) ride?

Sure it looks very intimidating, huge, and seems to be unrideable. But for my love of Adventure bikes and of course my curiosity; I always look forward to riding this icon. How will I react? Will it be a terrifying experience?