Bite Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Honda BeAT 110 (ISS/CBS)

The entry-level scooter game here in the Philippines can be a very crowded affair.

With all these scooters costs less than PHP70k (US$1,385), these 110cc budget scooter classes are one of the most popular forms of motorcycling in Southeast Asia! Along with Suzuki’s Skydrive Sport [UX110] from my previous ‘Bite Test,’ this Honda BeAT [ACH110] competes on this very competitive market!
The 2020 model of BeAT scooter comes with 3 distinct models now (Street, Fashion Sport, & Premium). But this 2019 model is called the ISS/CBS (Idle-Stop System & Combined-Braking System) on which is equivalent to the 2020 Premium model.
How will the BeAT compare to the Skydrive Sport scooter? Since it tough for me to get a hold to even test these scoots, this is all I can manage. I hope you guys will like today’s ‘Bite Test!’
(I will remain to call this scooter “Be-At,” not “Beat” like the old Honda’s Kei-class wonder roadster.)
Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2019 Harley Davidson Street Glide 107

When you mention ‘Harley-Davidson,’ what model comes to mind? Cruisers, sure it’s a synonymous trait within the motorcycling world!

The Street Glide is one of Harley’s best-selling models in its line-up! With its eye-catching colors, a plethora of electronic goodies, and with enough creature comforts for the long haul without the extra weight of a full-on Tourer like the Ultra Limited series!

This bike also shares with the Sport Glide with the ‘smallest’ Milwaukee Eight V-Twin engine, the 107 cubic inches (1.75L) spec.

Will the extra heft of the Street Glide hinder its capabilities? Will the 107 struggle? Guess you have to watch and see!

Take note, this is the ‘regular’ Street Glide model, H-D also offers a more brutish model called the CVO Street Glide!

Bite Tests Taste Tests

Bite Test: 2019 Suzuki Skydrive Sport

Unlike in the US and some parts of the world, most entry-level motorcycles or scooters in South and Southeast Asia typically start at a higher displacement engine.

Usually, these start between 100cc up to 115cc on their basement level spec, while developed nations usually start at 50 wheezing cc’s!

One of these entry-level offerings here in the Philippines (& maybe in SE Asia) is this Suzuki Skydrive Sport! Basically inspired by the larger Skydrive 125i, the Sport offers a cost-effective compared to rivals.

At the recording last October (on PART1), the small Skydrive was my first-ever ride on an entry-level Asian-spec scooter!

See how I cope with riding this matte blue machine!

Taste Tests

Taste Test: 2020 Ducati Supersport S

Ducati’s are very well known for their many good motorcycles, but their forte is its super sports bikes.

But one of Ducati’s faired wonders that are often overlooked is the ‘Supersport’ series. This Supersport is at the moment, the smallest displacement faired, sporty Ducati on its line-up.

Just looking at Ducati’s current lineup globally, Ducati does not offer a mid-displacement sporty bike. I would think that the Supersport is the only bike that fills that niche!

As my first ever faired Ducati ’sporty bike.’ Some of its racing DNA has been trickled down to this model.

How will I react to this? Especially I haven’t ridden this class of bikes! 


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