Taste Test: Honda CB1100 EX ’18

The epitome of a big classic Honda motorcycle!

Many will associate that description to their CBR sportbikes, or the Gold Wing large touring bike. But for me, the CB1100 examplifies that!
With it’s classic lines and cues, it tough to think that this bike started production in 2009-2010! To me it looks like it was built before I was born!
It serves as a Japanese style classic standard motorcycle, a different flavor compared to the American-style big cruisers, British-style classic cruisers, and Italian-style Scramblers.
What do I think about this big UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle)?
Purely unscripted, completely random talk.
Host Event:
– Americade 2018 [Lake George, New York, USA]
– www.americade.com
Host Manufacturer:
– American Honda Motor Co. (North America)
– www.honda.com
– Honda Philippines Inc. (Philippines)
– www.hondaph.com

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