[Q&A] Honda Rebel 500 ’19 vs Kawasaki Vulcan 650 S ’19

Paul Lester D. from the Philippines asks:

“Ano kaya mas astig sa dalawa? Mga Boss pa advice naman, Honda Rebel 500 or Kawasaki Vulcan 650? Salamat po sa advice nyo.”


“Which is the cooler bike of the two? I need an advice Boss, Honda Rebel 500 or Kawasaki Vulcan 650? Thank you for your comments.”

My Answer:

I rode both of them, and here’s my take:

The Rebel is an ideal bike for beginners, smaller than the Vulcan S size wise and easier to maneuver through the tricky bits. But for a few thousand pesos/dollars against the VS, it kinda feels cheap and rushed into production. Plus its digital gauge has everything wrong; hard to read, looks cheap, and why is it on a round casing!? The engine is shared with the CB500F, CBR500R, and CB500X.

The Vulcan (650) S is the better value of these two, it has the size similar to the Indian Scout Sixty without its heavy overall weight. Also, the Vulcan S is the better quality bike of the two. The Ninja 650-like gauge might seem out of place on a cruiser, but its layout is close to perfection. Unlike the Rebel on which it sounds like a tin can, the Vulcan S has a deeper ‘brap’ sound overall. The Vulcan feels better planted on the road without being heavy feeling. It’s a very well sorted motorcycle. This engine is shared with the Ninja 650, Z650, and Versys 650.

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