Hello World!

From both sides of the Pacific Ocean, here I am! 

As you may see, this is a WordPress site on which is my first time ever to create a WP-powered site! After many trials and obstacles of using other blogging sites like Blogger, Minds, Steemit, and of course Facebook. This will be my creme-de-la-creme of blogs, especially it has my name on it!

I was debating for the last few months if I should still continue my Vanishing Apex brand throughout the interwebs. But then I realized that my own name carries more value, plus it’s easier to remember; fewer syllables and all!

As you guys may be aware that I am now based on both Manila, Philippines and Las Vegas, NV, USA. So this blog site will cover both sides of the Pacific and more!

As we grow this site, I will be focusing on the trends within the automotive, motorcycle, travel, food, certain elements in pop culture, and whatever that pops into my head!

As we travel together on this journey, let’s have an interesting and fun discussion! Thank you!

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